Dogs That Aren't Mine EP

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This EP was recorded on a weekend in February at White Out Audio. All songs were recorded live with vocals recorded separately. Dylan played guitar and sang, Adam played bass, and Josh played drums. Kyle Wierzba engineered, Adam mastered, and the Giants won the super bowl.


released February 8, 2012

Kyle Wierzba
Adam Korbesmeyer.
Dylan England.
Josh Martin.
White Out Audio



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month Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Yellow Shirt
There's probably a way to forget about that month. I could soak my head in beer or forget it all at once but 2010 was a year spent in defense. I buried my head inside of my bed when you took that picture. I felt dead I felt dead I felt dead all over.
Track Name: Our New Year
How much would a bus ride actually cost when I had no money?
I still found some... and how long was the longest lie that i told?
Two hundred miles in from Binghamton to the Delaware Water Gap onto Brooklyn.
Don't call him looking for me, it's our new year.
I fell in and out of live with you out in front of my favorite bar, four hundred miles apart.
But don't call him looking for me, it's our new year.
Track Name: Few Demons
I'm older twenty three my doctor fewer demons won't try to save my life so I'll die.
You look alright to me. Your first car at twenty three. Its off-white and it's lame and it's still in your parents name.
But your parents name is the anchor and you roll over.
You're older twenty four in mid march I'll be on tour but you won't. You'll be at home with your folks.
You look alright to me, your first car at seventeen a grand prix and dark green and it's careening down my street.
But your parents dropped the anchor on your face and your parents dropped the anchor when they burned up your way out. I burned up your way out.
I've been waiting for your call. I never thought I'd wait for this long. You couldn't teach yourself how could you teach a whole room? A whole room.